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Virtual Campus Tour: Montfort Junior School

In the current climate, school open days have been cancelled and postponed for the foreseeable future. Despite this, your school still needs to attract a new intake of pupils for the next academic year.

So, how do you ensure that prospective students and parents can still see what your school has to offer? Our immersive virtual campus tour gives you the ability to showcase your school grounds and facilities in a new, immersive way and gives potential students a feel for what they can expect.

One of our latest virtual creations is the Montfort Junior School Virtual Tour. It is a 360-degree virtual campus tour that provides an immersive experience through AR and VR, enabling visitors to better appreciate the strategic direction and facilities of the school.

The tour takes prospective students and parents on an in-depth virtual walkthrough, exploring rooms and facilities that are divided into five categories, called “Scholar”, “Sportsman”, “Gentleman”, “Leader”, and “Maker”. Each route highlights the school’s visions and programs.

Visitors get accompanied by animated avatars that narrate through the campus, giving them deeper insights into the school’s unique programs and guiding their attention to key areas along their journey. To further attract engagement from visitors, the virtual tour uses a range of immersive multimedia elements such as an avatar animation, 360-degree videos, an audio guide, and a 2D vector 3D isometric campus map.

Here at Silversea Media, we can help you customize your virtual campus tour and its interface elements. Incorporate your brand colours, key marketing statements, and logos to make your tour unique and current. The Montfort Junior School Virtual Tour is a great example of how you can embed various interactive hotspots in a virtual tour.

Our virtual campus tours are cost-effective and work with any school’s marketing and communications budget. You don’t need to download an app or install a plugin. Our virtual tours load fast across all devices. Turn your website into a 24/7 online Open Day experience and let visitors see your school come alive right from the comfort of their home.

Talk to us today about how we can help you reshape the way you showcase your school grounds and connect to prospective families.

Check out the virtual tour Montfort Junior School: https://4d.silvrcraft.com/montfortjunior/tour.html

Visit our website to learn more about our immersive solutions here.