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MetaTwin Space

Foundation of Spatial Computing

Smart 3D Digital Twin

Digital twin as a virtual representation of a physical asset, person, or process. Our integrated technologies help organisation to create relevant digital twins

By creating a cohesive network of digital twins, the organisation can develop an enterprise metaverse with many use cases

MetaTwin Space

Smart 3D Digital Twin

Our Solutions

Ocean Spatial Digital Twin Solution empowered by AI

Systematic / Automatic Data Collection

Al-assisted web platform integrated with U.A.V. / R.O. V for dataollection and organization

Enhance Safety & Reduce Human Error

Al + Robotics to prevent human errors , injuries & negative health effects

Quick Response to Critical Situation

Instant actionable insights for decision makers in critical condition

One Stop Solution


UAV& ROV technology for automatic
data collection


A.I. -assisted platform for data
modeling & analysis


Dashboard & reporting for
actionable insights

Smart 3D Digital Twin + Ocean Spatial Digital Twin Solution