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8 Groundbreaking Virtual Event Ideas for 2021

Virtual events are growing in popularity, and it doesn’t appear as if that’s going to change very soon. They connect exhibitors with attendees in a virtual space which makes them more accessible for everyone. They also lower the cost of organizing an event while enhancing the reach and boosting the return on investment (ROI) effectively.

We hope these groundbreaking virtual event ideas provide you with some insights that can be incorporated in your marketing strategy for this year.

Let’s explore these 8 groundbreaking virtual event ideas!

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Virtual Exhibition Fair

Are you interested in hosting a virtual exhibition fair? Or are you planning on being an exhibitor to showcase your products/services in an event hosted by another party? Either way, an online exhibition fair will help you achieve your marketing goals.

When it comes to building exhibition spaces and stand, the possibilities are limitless. An immersive virtual exhibition fair combines 3D rendering, animation, HD photography, and digital movies with an intelligent database and intuitive user experience. It recreates a physical space or build physics defying environments to perfectly suit the needs of each event and industry. Features like chat tools, webinars, and a 3D first person walk-around function can be used to keep the attendees engaged.

Virtual Job Fair

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change talent acquisition processes, digital hiring solutions such as virtual career fairs become commonplace. Reduced costs are just one of the benefits of a virtual career fair. Attendees can visit booths, ask questions, gather information, and build networks from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual job fairs allow organisations to conduct interviews in real-time. Organizations can list all the open positions on an integrated job board and collect resumes from qualified candidates. They can also go through applicant data and filter candidates easily.

Virtual Trade Show

Capture qualified leads effectively with virtual trade shows. Conducting an online trade show allows you to educate your target audience and convert them into customers, regardless of geographic boundaries. Virtual trade shows can be categorised based on the industry, such as virtual electronic shows, virtual motor shows, and virtual fashion shows.

There are realistic-looking halls or lobbies with booths for showcasing products and services. Attendees can view demos and products in 3D and chat with sales representatives in real time. Organisations can also run seminars and keynote speeches that are delivered either in real time or on-demand via webcast technology.

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Create a branded entrance at your virtual fair.

Virtual Product Launch

Want to know how to introduce a new product to the market in the best possible way? A virtual product launch is the answer. Engage visitors around the world with an easy-to-use virtual space accessible from any device. Use rich interactive tools to comprehensively educate visitors about your new product and get the conversation going with features like chat forums, polls, webinars, and videos available on-demand.

Entertain and challenge your visitors by incorporating exciting games into your virtual event. You can use games such as ‘Find and Share’ and ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to improve user experience and boost engagement rate.

Virtual Conference

Hosting a virtual conference allows you to put together an online event that includes a days of panels, webinars, breakout sessions, and much more without flying in people from different parts of the world. It also enables speakers to address a large audience without the limitations of a physical conference.

A virtual conference gives you a much bigger opportunity to launch small group discussions or one-one-one meetings that can build real relationships between attendees and speakers that last well beyond the conference itself. Transform your event into a networking success for every attendee!

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Customised breakout areas to keep attendees enthusiastic and engaged.

Virtual Education Fair

Showcase your school’s offerings and improve the chances of recruiting the best students for your programs online 24/7. With virtual education fairs, you are able to showcase your programs, facilities, and value to a global audience. An immersive virtual education fair is packed with features that students can interact with.

You can host images, documents, and play videos explaining courses and academy information to bring your virtual booth to life. Customised booths and chat tools enable you to engage with visitors effectively and leave a lasting impression.

Virtual Open Day

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A virtual open day removes barriers such as cost, time, and distance to enable prospective students from all over the world to attend at the click of a button. It achieves the same goals as a traditional open day, but in a much more efficient and engaging way for all.

Prospective students and their families can access curated content where they can go through interactive experiences, such as taking a virtual tour, attending online information sessions, and ask questions using elements like live chat, among others. You can also host multi-session events combining webinars, webcasts, and panel discussions. These events can be accessed from mobile screens when people are on the go.

Read ‘The Rise of Virtual Open Days’: https://silversea-media.com/the-rise-of-virtual-open-days/

Virtual Pop-Up Shop

A virtual pop-up market allows you to bring your brand to life with a memorable 360 shopping environment. As a retailer, you get to customise your own storefront/showroom and let visitors walk around the store, browse the shelves and select what they want to buy. Online pop-up shops are perfect for business owners who aren’t quite ready to make a serious commitment to digital selling. There’s no long-term commitment involved, so you can test the waters and find out if e-commerce is for you.

Virtual events are trending these days and will remain popular in the coming year as well. At Silversea Media, we strive to build the best online event platform that will help organisations make meaningful connections with their target audience. Our platform offers organisations the chance to engage with a global audience, 365 days a year. It is supported by powerful backend analytics of visitor engagement that deliver vital feedback and help you generate leads in real-time.

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