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Why Virtual Property Tours Are Desirable

There are many marketing strategies in real estate that are effective. Open houses, private showings, direct mailing efforts, and the like have their advantages. However, that does not mean they are equally convenient for everyone involved. Include a virtual tour in your listings, and you provide a solution that works for buyers, sellers, and agents.

Why Home Buyers and Sellers Like Virtual Tours:

1. Save Time for Both Buyers and Sellers

With a virtual tour, buyers can spend less time visiting properties that end up being a poor fit for them. Sellers can spend less time straightening up their houses every time a buyer wants to visit — sometimes only to find out the buyer was just curious and had no intention to buy.

After all, buyers want to get a more accurate impression of a home before they visit, and sellers want to waste less time on showings that do not produce results.

2. Buyers Can Take Their Time Viewing a Home

There is no rush with a virtual tour. With a virtual tour, customers can see the property on their laptops or smartphones. They can virtually tour a home in the comfort of their own home and in their own timing. Those who are truly interested will call and ask for more information.

3. A Full-Time Open House

A virtual tour is available 24/7. That means their home is available for buyers to tour anytime, and yet the sellers do not need to prepare for or try to schedule all of those visits. With a virtual tour, you can give your potential buyers a realistic sense of the look and feel of a property in high-resolution, high-definition imagery long before they venture out to see it in person.

4. Staging a Home Can Be Less of A Chore

Sellers can add a “wow factor” to their virtual tour by furnishing it with eye-catching 3D furnishings. This comprehensive, immersive virtual tour is especially beneficial to those who are selling their vacant properties. There is no need to hire traditional home stagers that can be quite stressful. A virtual tour with completed virtual staging alleviates some of that stress and increases the likelihood that buyers who do visit are serious about the property.

Advantages for Real Estate Agents

1. A Virtual Tour Also Saves Time for an Agent

How many occasions have you taken a client to see a property only to discover rather quickly that there is something that turned them off? Perhaps they don’t like the hallway, or they discover that the neighborhood doesn’t suit their lifestyle. A virtual tour helps eliminate these issues. It helps agents to filter or pre-qualify a buyer for a property before they schedule a showing. This can be especially helpful if the property is in a remote, rural location.

2. Get More Website Traffic

Property listings with virtual tours receive over 85% more clicks compared to those using images. More clicks translate into increased sales. You can also use virtual tours to keep visitors engaged for longer periods of time. Virtual tours can give you a competitive edge and make your business stand out.

3. Virtual Tours Bring Results

Virtual tours are a great tool for agents to generate qualified leads. Studies have shown that the use of virtual technology for real estate has had positive results. People stay 5–10 times longer on real estate websites with virtual tours. The more engaged they are, the higher chances of converting them into paying clients.

The Ball is On Your Court

Homebuyers prefer to see virtual tours when looking for real estate investments online. This won’t change anytime soon. This investment is in for the long run. Give your clients an avenue to explore their home buying and selling options with Silversea Media Group’s virtual tour solution, and set yourself apart from the crowd in a highly competitive marketplace. Get started on your virtual tours now