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Why You Should Host Virtual Events in the Metaverse

The metaverse will grow stronger this year as users and brands continue to embrace the digital future. It is set to redefine how we connect and interact with each other. By incorporating key metaverse components like virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D avatars, video, and more, users can be more fully immersed and interact with each other in more authentic ways.

Since the metaverse is already transforming the event industry, let’s take a look closer at the benefits it offers:

1. Scalability

Geography is no longer an issue in the metaverse. Anyone with internet access can join a virtual event from any device with a single click of a link. There is no limit to attendees you can have at a virtual event. With the right platform, you can design any type of online gathering with access to features such as 1:1 video or voice calls and smaller rooms for breakout sessions.

Soon, more individuals will be able to collaborate in a 3D environment that transcends geographic boundaries.

2. Enhanced Audience Participation

Virtual reality technology allows organisers to be creative in their approach to event planning to build memorable virtual experiences. Attendees can engage in shared experiences using avatars, which are the hallmark of 3D event platforms and the metaverse in general.

The ability to create a personalised avatar means an attendee can be whoever they want to be. Having them first create an avatar and using that to communicate makes an online conference more fun. Your audience is also more likely to interact with other attendees this way.

3. Customisation Options

One of the best ways to create an immersive experience for your guests is by choosing a platform that lets you go all-in on customisation. Look for a platform that allows you to customise the way your 3D digital spaces look and feel, using tailored design and multimedia content. This will transform your virtual event from average and uninspiring into a refreshing environment.

Customisation options in the metaverse will also help you if you are seeking sponsorships or exhibitors for your conference. You will be able to give them plenty of interactive options, such as moving content on the walls, branded banners displayed around virtual rooms, and virtual 3D booths where sponsors can showcase their products and services.

4. Improved Audience Data

From improving customer engagement to creating more personalised content, the metaverse provides data analytics that helps churn out meaningful information. It allows companies to better understand attendees and their behaviors — creating more impactful virtual events.

Avatars include gestures and facial expressions that increase a user’s feeling of co-presence. They can walk, talk, dance, shake hands, comment, share, and engage in the virtual world, which means you can capture the interactivity levels in detail. The intelligence derived from data analytics will help you grow your event’s vertical to new heights.

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