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What VR Can Offer to the Furniture Industry

While the pandemic has affected business operations in almost every industry globally, e-commerce platforms are adopting new technologies in order to keep up with consumer needs and offer a safe and engaging shopping experience.

Brands can no longer wait for the lockdown to be lifted completely and rely entirely on offline presence. They have to adjust to new norms of online marketing, a perspective that can boost sales and convert buyers. This is the time for furniture retailers to develop an effective digital strategy to alleviate risk and face any interruptions in the future.

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Technology Is Boss

Be it a furniture brand or a retailer, it’s important to ensure that the website is equipped with features that provide 360-views, a high-quality zoom-in facility, detailed shots, and much more. Thanks to Virtual Reality, customers can now tour showrooms and examine items in 3D from the comfort of home.

When it comes to buying furniture, it’s not enough to see a picture online and click order. Customers want to experience the piece they are interested in before having it delivered. They may want to connect with store staff and ask for advice about the items they’re interested in. That’s the kind of experience that furniture retailers should offer online.

Unlike a standard e-commerce site, which presents products individually, often against a white background with no sense of scale or movement, a virtual showroom is an immersive and interactive environment. It also presents an opportunity to collect data on how customers are engaging with the brand online, and what’s working and what isn’t.

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In a nutshell, technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have affected the global economy considerably. Furniture retailers switching to online platforms should upgrade to an omnichannel ecosystem and propose innovative shopping experience. Even when things go back to ‘normal’, the demand for online shopping will stay prevalent, and that will give retailers the ability to test, learn, and respond accordingly.

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