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VR Lab: Boosting Students’ Practical Skills

Educational institutions are constantly exploring new and innovative learning methods. Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for education have proven to be effective in helping students comprehend complex theoretical concepts. 

RP School of Applied Science has taken the educational experience up a notch. Let’s find out how they integrate a custom VR solution and the Oculus headsets into their simulation exercises. 

The Problem:

Learning how to collect samples is an essential part of the RP School of Applied Science’s curriculum. However, a fully equipped sample preparation laboratory often requires considerable resources. Therefore, the school was looking for a way to let students do these lab activities and hone their skills more effectively.

The Solution:

Silversea Media Group offers a custom virtual lab solution to simulate an engaging physical lab experience. Students can practice sample extraction in a safe virtual environment using the Oculus VR headsets. All objects, actions, and reactions are based on real scientific principles. 

With a wide range of 3D illustrations and animations, quizzes, and theories, our VR lab solution helps students solidify their understanding of complex theories. It provides the synchronisation needed between explaining the theoretical ideas and practical application.

The Outcome:

The virtual simulation has brought improvements in student engagement and retention. We have made detailed revisions to ensure the VR application is as close to an actual practical experience as possible. Students can go back in time to correct mistakes and repeat simulations to understand the material thoroughly. 

Our Immersive Education Solution can be custom-made for any form of content, VR headsets, subjects, or learning objectives. The interactive elements in our virtual lab platform enable learners to study a concept, try it, and apply it in real-world scenarios on the spot.

Learn more about our Immersive Education Solution: https://silversea-media.com/immersive-education/