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Virtual Assistants: The Key to Superior Online Customer Service

Take your potential customers on a guided tour of your virtual space using an intelligent virtual assistant. Whether it’s a 3D animated avatar or a hologram of your real salesperson, a virtual assistant provides unparalleled customer service and assistance for e-commerce websites, retail stores, virtual campuses, virtual property showrooms, and many more.

Virtual assistants, powered by artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning abilities, allow you to streamline your sales operation and lead generation. Let’s look at the benefits of implementing virtual assistant technology.

Reduce Operational Costs without Jeopardizing the Online Customer Experience

Implementing a virtual assistant with back-end integrations lets you provide quick responses and ensure they are personalized to your customer’s data and preferences. You can reduce waiting times for everyone and save the cost of hiring and training live agents, especially during peak business hours or busy seasonal times.

A virtual assistant allows companies to interact with their customers 24/7. It can take over and deflect customer requests until a human operator is required. Businesses can create meaningful customer engagements by capturing insights through Speech-to-text (STT) and Text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. These technologies help collect valuable insights about customers’ interests, questions, or issues and then take appropriate actions to maintain customer lifetime value.

Take Your Customer Engagement to the Next Level

An intelligent virtual assistant technology combines the latest advances in AI assistants, deep neural networks, and machine learning to create personalized, human-like customer conversations across all digital channels. With the integration of conversational AI technologies, brands are now looking to offer interactive, real-time, and more immersive digital shopping experiences in the metaverse. They can provide online sales assistance and guide customers through a brand’s online store, demonstrate products, and hand-hold them through the sales process.

Customize Your Virtual Avatar

Create an ultra-realistic, custom 3D avatar that serves as an extension of your brand identity. Whether in the metaverse or more traditional online shopping platforms, avatars offer a unique approach to interacting with customers. Brands can customize the virtual avatars’ look, voice, personality, and AI, which eventually creates stronger first impressions, providing a more lifelike experience for customers.

Integrating Virtual KOLs into Digital Marketing Strategies

A future-proof virtual key opinion leader (KOL) strategy can facilitate greater creative and storytelling opportunities. Brands can work with hyper-realistic human-like figures, virtual idols, and famous characters from established franchises or design their own characters that can be controlled to look and behave a certain way.

There are many benefits for brands when it comes to using virtual KOLs as part of their marketing strategy. Through AI, virtual KOLs can accurately represent a brand’s identity and value. Brands won’t have to worry about their virtual spokespersons getting negative attention due to their personal life or political comments.

Silversea Media’s virtual assistant solution can help you create your branded virtual KOLs. You might have a bunch of sporty virtual idols, a serious one, a fashionable one, and an artsy one to try and appeal to different target audiences. Spurred by rapid development and a near-infinite range of applications, virtual KOLs are becoming the new normal for a generation of young internet users. Besides increasing customer engagement, brands can employ virtual influencers as customer service agents, ambassadors, and support staff on e-commerce platforms, among many others.

Drive New Revenue Opportunities

Target customers with the right kind of engagement. Automated or human-assisted, a virtual assistant solution can make recommendations based on real-time digital behavior analysis and past outcomes. These recommendations can significantly improve your sales team’s performance, directly impacting your business revenue.

Virtual assistants can automate your sales processes so much that your sales team can get all the time in the world to focus on more strategic and result-oriented, higher-value risks.

Virtual assistants can also be easily integrated into any website or mobile app. It can be available in different languages to help you maximize your audience reach. Any industry can reap the benefits of virtual assistant technology — from retail and real estate to education and tourism. It allows businesses and organizations to transform a mundane online customer journey into a meaningful experience.

By introducing realism into digital connections, an enterprise metaverse technology like virtual assistants helps form more meaningful ties. It provides customers with fully configurable and hyper-scalable experiences via immersive 3D virtual environments.

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