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Rendering The Future of Education

Suntec Convention Center, Singapore (5–6 November 2019).Immersive media solutions firm, Silversea Media Group (“Silversea”), celebrated great success at EduTECH Asia 2019, hosting over 4,000 guests at its exhibition booth and winning the Silver Award for the Best AR/VR Solution against stiff international competition. Silversea showcased its proprietary technologies specifically designed for education. Ranging from virtual reality (VR) that can transport students into a virtual laboratory to VR where users can create virtual artworks, which can then be transformed into real objects via 3D printing technology.

Under its hallmark banner, “Rendering The Future of Education,” Silversea offered EduTECH Asia 2019 visitors a compelling opportunity to enhance their understanding of immersive media, in particular, this novel technology’s significant contribution to the development of modern education. Visitors were invited to enjoy a free, hands-on, immersive VR experience at the Silversea Media Group exhibition booth (E21).

E21 Booth — Silversea Media Group Immersive Experiences
E21 Booth — Silversea Media Group Immersive Experiences

SilVRgrow FutureClassTM, Silversea’s flagship, STEM-based advanced VR teaching tool, attracted avid interest from crowds of EduTECH attendees.

SilVRgrow FutureClassTM — Teaching Management Platform
SilVRgrow FutureClassTM — Teaching Management Platform

Silversea also introduced new educational products, such as:

V-REAL Lab, Silversea’s unique immersive virtual laboratory, which provides a safe, remote environment for students to conduct risk-free chemistry, physics and biology experiments; and,

V-ART, which combines an immersive artistic experience with 3D printing technology to bring students’ creativity into reality.

V-Real Labs — Immersive Experiment in a Virtual Laboratorium
V-Real Labs — Immersive Experiment in a Virtual Laboratorium
V-ART — Immersive Media for Creating Art
V-ART — Immersive Media for Creating Art

Silversea also introduced two VR solutions that facilitate real-life and essential logic learning that feels to students more like fun than work.Silversea’s V-Learn Lab (virtual learning simulation) and Growcraft (VR coding) both assign educational tasks, such as scientific theory or math, but within a video-game environment, which entices students to embrace the learning experience with the same enthusiasm and focus as they would recreational entertainment. Many experts believe that higher levels of student engagement in a subject matter can lead to higher levels of retention and superior test scores.

V-Edu Space 720° virtual learning world
V-Edu Space 720° virtual learning world

During the event, Silversea also promoted V-Edu Space, its proprietary solution for schools and/or campuses to create a virtual walkthrough of their physical learning space, such as classrooms or building facilities.

V-Edu Space creates a 720° virtual world, both as a learning device for students and a marketing tool for schools aiming to recruit students. With V-Edu Space, school administrators can populate the virtual environment with relevant information about their school and place the customized content securely online. This allows schools to much more effectively reach out to families who have not yet visited and showcase the facilities, student activities, and other key features of the school that make it an attractive place to study. Even families who have visited the school in the past, can conveniently go online and “visit” again remotely from anywhere at any time to evaluate the school’s physical makeup and help determine whether it is suitable for their children.

Silversea Media Group Chairman & CEO, Niu Yuhong, in EduTech Asia 2019 Speaking Session
Silversea Media Group Chairman & CEO, Niu Yuhong, in EduTech Asia 2019 Speaking Session

At EduTECH Asia 2019, Silversea garnered interest from visitors hailing from all over the world, and across many different industries. Silversea’s Booth E21 welcomed interested parties from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and many other countries. Unsurprisingly, many prominent school/educational foundation administrators and teaching professionals came to experience first hand Silversea’s immersive solutions, all interested in observing for themselves the new possibilities and directions immersive media offer for modern educational practices. Yet, it was equally impressive to see numerous visitors coming from outside the field of education. Professionals representing industries as varied as oil & gas, construction, and technology wished to explore Silversea’s AR/VR education solutions and how they could be used for occupational training and management purposes.

In all, EduTECH Asia 2019 was very successful. The Company was particularly honored that the EduTECH Asia Award Committee formally and publicly conferred to Silverseathe Silver Award for Best AR/VR Solution, out of a field comprising many powerful competitors from around the region.

Silversea actively pursues its solemn mission to promote the transformative power of immersive media to raise modern education to new heights. The Company has strategically deployed its Team in offices throughout ASEAN, where staff will keep promoting, encouraging, and assisting education practitioners in adopting ever-improving immersive solutions for advancing teaching and learning experiences. Silversea offer solutions for all educational levels, from primary school through university, and even for adult training at corporates and other organizations.