Drive Remote Selling and Close More Deals with VR Talk

Most people nowadays are familiar with virtual tours. They enter the virtual space via a link and click or tap on the scene to change perspective, zoom in and out, etc. — they know the drill. This means that to improve their marketing game, businesses should add more and more interactivity to their virtual tours. […]

Metaverse Virtual Event Trends in 2022 and Beyond

Once a temporary solution when in-person gatherings were not an option, online events have enjoyed an astronomical surge in popularity, as many planners today specifically choose to go virtual and hybrid in favour of fully on-site events. Read on to see how virtual and hybrid conferences, exhibitions and alike in the Metaverse will define the […]

Foolproof Ways to Use Smart Retail Technologies

Retail success is no longer solely driven by a matter of well-merchandised brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, it now requires the integration of physical locations with digital and smart retail experiences delivered over mobile devices known as omnichannel or Retail 2.0. By implementing immersive solutions such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) […]

Smart Retail Technology in the Metaverse

As we come out of lockdown and move towards a more certain future, the retail landscape looks transformed. The new normal requires a true re-think of how retail needs to improve customer engagement. Many are looking at a seamless, omnichannel experience — where you create a connected online and in-store experience for your customers across […]

Use AR for a Superior Customer Experience

There is no doubt that we are moving into a much more dynamic and exciting age, thanks to technology such as augmented reality (AR). AR places virtual objects within real-world environments. With AR, consumers can preview products through their phones or tablets to make it seem as if they are right there touching them. Consumers’ […]

Boost Student Enrolment with Virtual Tours

The COVID-19 pandemic struck at the time that high school seniors were making final decisions about enrolment for their future studies. Campus visits? College fairs? All of these questions are being addressed on a daily basis. College admission counsellors and admissions officers are challenged to look at this changing landscape and support students, providing information […]

Why You Should Use Virtual Staging

Digital tools to sell, buy and rent a home have become the norm and are contributing to better consumer experiences. These new tools include virtual staging, in which images of a property have true-to-life decor added to them digitally using 3D modeling. What’s more, virtual staging has proven to be a great alternative to traditional […]

Use Virtual Avatars in Your Virtual Events

Thanks to a range of virtual event platforms, connecting with people is now reasonably easy through virtual events. However, these virtual events often lack the engagement and interactivity that comes with in-person events. It is time to move on from tedious video calls and flat event webpages to immersive, interactive 3D virtual environments. Here, the […]

VR Lab: Boosting Students’ Practical Skills

Educational institutions are constantly exploring new and innovative learning methods. Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for education have proven to be effective in helping students comprehend complex theoretical concepts.  RP School of Applied Science has taken the educational experience up a notch. Let’s find out how they integrate a […]

Canon Virtual Business Experience Centre

Canon Virtual Business Experience Center

The global pandemic has forced many to adapt to new situations in the past two years. Brands and companies had no choice but to pivot to online events. Virtual exhibitions and virtual showrooms have followed.  And many are reaping the rewards of digital transformation by integrating immersive technologies into their marketing strategies. One of the […]