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Applications of Extended Reality Training: Onboarding, Technical Know-How, and More

Immerse yourself in the world of extended reality (XR) training! Experience hands-on learning in virtual environments that mirror real-life scenarios without risk or expense. With XR-based training, learners can cultivate new skills, build confidence, and tackle crucial decisions in a secure, controlled environment.

XR encompasses a broad range of immersive learning technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). These innovative tools enhance reality by adding to or simulating the real world through digital materials that learners can interact with.

The advantages of XR training hold significant value. By incorporating XR into your training programs, you can create a multisensory environment that fosters greater engagement and facilitates long-term retention of information.

Learners can access XR training through various devices, including headsets, smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, offering flexibility and accessibility.

Check out these four examples of using XR for employee training.

1. Employee Onboarding Process

Harness the power of XR to immerse new employees in hands-on training sessions. XR technology offers interactive, collaborative, and real-world onboarding scenarios for new hires, whether for virtual tours, safety training, or technical know-how. Here are some examples of how XR can be used for onboarding.

Safety and Security Training:

  • Utilize VR technology to educate new employees on essential building security measures, including proper sign-in procedures, fire evacuation protocols, and electrical safety guidelines.
  • Develop realistic and interactive training scenarios focusing on equipment safety, covering aspects such as equipment handling techniques, lockout-tagout procedures, and the correct usage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Virtual Tours:

  • Explore Facilities: Take employees on a virtual journey through offices, factories, or other facilities, offering an interactive and immersive experience that ensures productivity right from the start.
  • Team Building: Foster team integration by allowing new hires to interact with their future colleagues in a dynamic virtual environment, facilitating a seamless onboarding process.

AR Scavenger Hunt:

AR can transform the onboarding experience by immersing new hires in a workplace scavenger hunt. Using an iPad, tablet, or mobile device, employees scan real-world 2D images, such as posters or signs, triggering interactive content through AR image recognition. This custom-built content unveils the company’s history, culture, and values, offering:

  • Interactive digital posters showcasing the organization’s founding story
  • Videos introducing new hires to key leadership figures
  • A mapped layout of the workplace, highlighting key business areas for orientation and safety purposes.

2. Technical Training

Immersive technologies transport users into a dynamic training environment, allowing them to explore and interact with lifelike 3D replicas. XR goes beyond merely showcasing product appearances, offering a deep dive into their functionalities. This feature empowers training experts to present intricate product details with precision, enhancing employee engagement and comprehension.

  • Safe Simulations With AR Glasses: AR glasses enable users to maintain awareness of their physical surroundings. Through specialized AR software, digital elements can be projected into the field of view. Users can interact with virtual objects and examine them from various angles.
AR smart glasses provide users with real-time guidance and instructions superimposed onto their field of view.
  • Hyper-realistic Virtual Training Environments: Transform intricate locations, structures, machinery, or surroundings into immersive environments that mirror real-life experiences. In contrast to AR, VR glasses fully immerse the wearer in a virtual environment, blocking out the real-world surroundings entirely.
Immerse trainees in a virtual environment, enabling hands-on training through the use of a VR headset.

3. Customer Service Training With Augmented Reality

Using AR in customer service training can be highly beneficial, depending on the goals, content, and audience of the training. In retail, for instance, AR can be a valuable tool for educating staff on product knowledge, sales techniques, and customer service skills. This is achieved through virtual product displays, interactive catalogs, and simulated customer interactions and feedback scenarios. With AR, learners can place a simulated version of a cash register in front of them and practice various tasks, including:

  • Handling customer inquiries
  • Operating the point-of-sale (POS) system
  • Applying discounts and refunds on merchandise

4. Providing Training from Remote Locations

Remote learning with XR can reduce corporate training costs. Rather than funding employee travel to training centers or operational sites, XR-based training can occur remotely at home.

Utilizing XR technology, trainers can engage multiple participants in collaborative video sessions featuring interactive 3D models. Trainees can conveniently access the content through a web browser or a dedicated app accessible on smart devices. This immersive experience transports participants into a virtual environment where they can interact with each other and virtual objects in real-time.


Traditional documents and slide decks are being phased out and replaced by dynamic mediums such as 360 images, videos, and interactive 3D models. Accessible across devices, from smartphones to VR/AR headsets, these technologies immerse users in interactive experiences. New hires can actively engage with content, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback, fostering an environment conducive to effective learning. Join the revolution in the training industry with XR technology solutions, enhancing knowledge retention and driving superior performance outcomes.

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