Realistic Lab Experience Taking Science Education to the Next Level

Silversea Media’s VReaLab lets students perform true-to-life lab experiments and practice their skills in a fun and risk-free VR learning environment. We offer curriculum-based VR/3D experiment simulations for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, among others, for primary, secondary and high schools. It is a fully engaging teaching & learning!

Classroom Experiments

Provides standard experiments according to primary and secondary school science curricula, including Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Exploration Lab

VR exploration environment in which all objects,
actions and reactions and based on real scientific
principles, Providers creative tools for teaching

Objects Library

3D-enabled modeling for all objects and material in laboratory, help the cognition of lab material, lab equipment, as well as other objects and materials.

Comprehensive Applications

vReal Lab

Easily Accessible

Anytime, anywhere free access to a virtual lab via a web browser or have it installed in a PC/laptop. It is accessible both online and offline, regardless of the user's physical location. This web-based 3D environment is useful for student to give them practice before engaging in real lab experiments.

Improved motivation & engagement:

  • Allow students to focus on learning with zero distractions
  • Transcend time and space

Preparing students for the real world:

  • Learn via trial and error
  • Track progress of students through analytics
  • True-to-life laboratory experiences

Breaking the boundaries:

  • Remove spatial limitations and the physical risk associated with lab experiments
  • Save money on a physical lab with cost- effective VR labs

To learn more about our solution, contact us about pricing or request a proposal from our team.