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One-Stop Shop Virtual Event Solution

Engage, connect and play matchmaker for attendees and exhibitors worldwide under one 4D-walkthrough virtual roof

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted events worldwide. Event organisers have realised that holding events in a digital and virtual space has helped them maintain their competitive edge and ride through this unprecedented global dislocation. Along the way, people have discovered that well designed virtual events can help event organisers and participants achieve better commercial results and perform more insightful and accurate post-event analysis than traditional physical events.

Silversea Media’s virtual event solution helps clients maximise customer/audience reach and engagement. Our virtual events have successfully helped organisations around the world, including businesses in various industries and universities, achieve and exceed their event goals.

A Feature-Packed Virtual Experience

A Customised 3D Virtual World That Replicates A True-to-Life Experience

  • Showcase a fully-branded experience, from your event landing page and registration to customised booths and live sessions
  • Connect with prospects directly with easy-to-use virtual avatars and/or a live chat platform
  • Allow visitors to download promotional collaterals, such as info packets, e-brochures and other forms of marketing material

Drive Engagement Through Interactive and Immersive Content

  • Enable visitors to navigate throughout the event seamlessly with an immersive 4D-walkthrough
  • Display company details and products in 3D
  • Incorporate exciting games into your event to amplify engagement

Dynamic Content & Interaction

  • Host a webinar and engage visitors via Q&A, polling functions, surveys, chats and other tools
  • Enable visitors, sponsors and exhibitors to connect with each other throughout the event
  • Create networking opportunities through virtual group gatherings or a 1-on-1 chat/video call

Analytics & Reporting

  • Review in-depth statistics on visitors and access information on your prospects
  • Follow how attendees navigate your sessions with attendance tracking and detailed web analytics
  • Collect post-event feedback through dynamic surveys

Business Matching

Visitors can specify the industry and job functions of the network they will like to build during the event, and the system will match make them to the attendees, and/or exhibitors. They can then exchange virtual name cards, and engage in the live chat function to explore possible opportunities.

Virtual Showroom Features

Virtual Showroom Features

Areas of Application

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Fairs & Events

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Open Days

Virtual Workshops

Hybrid Events

Project Showcase