Silversea Media’s Virtual Crime Scene Reconstruction System

Silversea Media’s Virtual Crime Scene Reconstruction System is a distinctive VR solution used to document and observe complete information for crime scene investigation and forensic analysis. Investigators can virtually walk through an entire crime scene and view every detail of the room, building or environment at any time. Based on 360° panoramic images, this solution is a multimedia tool that integrates original crime scenes, offering interactive maps, still images, slideshows, text, audio, links, thumbnails and many other relevant features

Silversea Media’s Virtual Crime Scene Reconstruction System

Proprietary technology of 3D scanning with machine learning as core. A comprehensive solution that captures the actual crime scene, key witnesses and data evidence through digitalisation to improve workflow processes.

Highlights of Silversea Media’s Virtual Crime Scene Reconstruction System:

  • Fast — crime scene scanning can be done within 2 hours without any dead space
  • Complete — 100% capture of crime scene data
  • Versatile — measurements can be taken anywhere at the scene
  • Transmittable — instant sharing of files with relevant stakeholders
  • User-Friendly — absolutely no special skills needed to capture the 3D spatial data
  • Item tagging can include details, such as notes, images, multimedia
  • Comprehensive view and easy measurement of crime scene
  • Reconstruction of key evidence and areas of interest
  • 720° view and 4D/VR Virtual Tour with dollhouse view
  • Skeleton model can be inserted and moved virtually and in an anatomically correct manner to reconstruct the actual body position during the event
  • Realistic reenactment of a perpetrator’s and a victim’s pathway
  • Instant observation of all angles and measurements
  • Easy visualisation and transferring of case details
  • Actual crime scene reenactment


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