We remove boundaries to draw a greater audience. Scale your business. . . instantly!

At its core, SilVRCraft’s proprietary 3D PRO Camera technology and 3D media platform delivers high fidelity digital copies of physical locations, enabling end user access from anywhere, at any time and from any device. We present businesses with an important tool to attract and engage their target audiences, while promoting their brand and boosting their market presence. It is the ultimate sales, marketing and dissemination tool.

An ever growing number of industries have discovered the benefits of SilVRcraft, such as; Real Estate / Architecture / Interior Design / Furnishing & Renovation / Restoration & Engineering Works / Construction & Facility Management / Retail shops / Restaurants/ Library & Museum, and many more.

For more details, visit: https://www.silvrcraft.com/

SILVRgrow Technology provides a one-stop-shop Immersive educational solution and content for students and educators ranking from pre-school through to pre-university and vocational school.

We also provide immersive training solutions and content for enterprises covering different business sectors. Headquartered in Singapore, we serve schools, educational centers and enterprises across Southeast Asia.

For more details, visit: http://www.silvrgrow.com/

Under Silversea Media Group, SilVRsketch is dedicated to providing high-quality 3D scanning products and digital solutions with the best integration possibilities, whatever the application.

SilVRsketch’s products and services cover 3D scanners, 3D modeling, 3D cloud design tools for home furnishings, customized services for 3D scenes based on hologram/AR/VR/virtual interaction technologies, and many more.

For more details, visit: http://www.silvrsketch.com/

Under Silversea Media Group, Cornerstone offers specialized programmes to schools, tertiary institutions and corporations in Singapore. We are experienced in designing, managing and executing educational programmes that can be customised to different cultures and context, if necessary.

Our approach is enhanced with AR/VR technology so learning can be highly immersive and interactive, while allowing students and teachers to achieve prominent results.

Since 2014, Cornerstone Enrichment Pte. Ltd has been helping students by providing them with essential life skills and empowering them to become successful and caring individuals through a character and citizenship education for the 21st Century.

For more details, visit: https://www.cornerstone.edu.sg/