Design Tool

Interactive Online Interior Design Platform

EZhome, our online 3D interior design tool, allows customers to visualize their real estate, home design, or office project in 3D. Customers can decorate their space with various furniture products, flooring selections, landscaping, cabinets, countertops — all in full color 3D.

Upload 3D

Interactive Online Interior Design Platform.

Furnishing Your Home

Drag and drop 3D models of furniture or simply import selected design templates by one click.

Rendering and Visualization

Generate up to 4K photo-realistic images and 360° panoramas rendering.

Intelligent Design

Our high-efficient algorithms can arrange rooms automatically. Massive templates are imported by one-click.

High Speed Rendering

Our proprietary core rendering technology and dedicated server are able to generate up to 4K renderings and 360 virtual panoramasrendering at the speed of your imagination

Massive Collection of Materials

Rich 3D models, textures, finishes and design templates all in one platform.

AR Showcase

By scanning the area, it processes and matches
the area with hundreds of preloaded furniture
and we will guide you choosing the best-suited
furniture set for your place.

Learn more about Silversea Media’s SilVRsketch solutions at or contact us
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